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World map from data section of this worksheet scissors glue stick procedure. You will be piecing together a puzzle of the supercontinent pangaea based on fossil and rock evidence on the presentday continents. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Many secular historians think that a long, long time ago they think millions of years ago, the continents were not continents but one body.

The activity is thanks to the natural history museum. Zusgs fossil and mountain chain evidence directions. So many people come here looking for maps of pangea and gondwanaland that i decided to give you a dedicated page. The video aid provided by really helps connect the dots for a much deeper understanding. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Pangea, also spelled pangaea, in early geologic time, a supercontinent that incorporated almost all the landmasses on earth. Once you find your worksheet, click on popout icon or print icon to worksheet to print or download.

Pangeas name comes from pan, which means universal, and gea, which means land. How has the surface of our planet changed over time. On the puzzle pieces handout, assign a color to each type of fossil or. Try to reunite the pangaea puzzle pieces based on the clues. Browse pangea activity resources on teachers pay teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original educational resources. Pangaea puzzle to each student, and ask students if they think earths continents were ever joined together. Demonstrate the breakup of pangaea into the continents by making pastry. On the analyzing evidence worksheet, read the statement in each box and check.

What clues are provided to show that the surface of our planet has changed. Pdf since around 200 ma, the most notable event in the process of the breakup. Pangea reached its final shape at the end of the triassic, following a long history of terranes and continent accretion. The theory of continental drift continental drift discovery the world alfred wegener theory of continental drift continental drift p95 red book, 182 in sciencesaurus theory that continents were once part of a single landmass that broke apart and have moved to their present locations.

Usgs landmasses pangaea activity pdf blue construction paper. A plate tectonic puzzle american museum of natural history. The pieces of pangaea slowly moved toward their presentday locations, becoming the continents of today. Pangea breakup and northward drift of the indian subcontinent. Find pangea puzzle lesson plans and teaching resources. Pangaea science activity with pastry grades 35 teachervision. Can be accomplished in lecture or lab by observing student progress and troubleshooting challenges. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Rodinia supercontinent pangea animation for kids pangaea ultima animation map pangea with 500 x 539 161 kb jpeg pangea activity cut out printable pangea puzzle worksheet cut out pangea cutouts for learning about continental drift and plate techtonics great for the map pangea activity that we have planned in our unit planning. We had another busy class as we engaged in notes, text, and a puzzle activity all to learn about pangaea pronounced.

The students label each continent on their pangaea pieces. The corresponding worksheet is based on a handout created by another teacher, mrs. This supercontinent was made up of all the major continents. Reading comprehension worksheets, science worksheets. During these phases in the earths history, early forms of dinosaur were the. Alfred wegeners fossil evidence for continental drift is shown on the cutouts. The story of pangea and plate tectonics linkedin slideshare. Access thousands of highquality, free k12 articles, and create online assignments with them for your students.

Each group is given a cutout sheet containing fossil evidence student puzzle pieces, the key to. Paleogeography and paleoceanography of top early permian and bottom early late permian times. Pangaea was a supercontinent that existed on the earth millions of years ago, covering about onethird of its surface. Pdf pangea breakup and northward drift of the indian. There is a pdf of all of the files and an editable version of each file you just need to delete. I make these ahead of time to save time in class and i can reuse them for each class. After 65 myr, the supercontinent starts to tear apart from inside to many pieces fig.

Pangaea or pangea is the name given to the supercontinent that existed during the paleozoic and mesozoic eras, before the process of plate tectonics separated each of the component continents into. Pangea supercontinent the 7 continents of the world. This reading comprehension worksheet teaches students about volcanoes, then asks them questions about what they just read. Ross, cushman foundation for foraminiferal research, special publication 24. The making of pangea is the result of largescale amalgamation of continents and microcontinents, which started at the end of the neoproterozoic with the formation of gondwana. This looks at what the earth was like 220 million years ago pangaea. In the case of pangea, nearly all of the earths continents were connected into a single landform. During this activity, students will use fossil and geographic evidence to prove or disprove wegeners theory. Jun 9, 2010 printable puzzle of pangea exxun country united kingdom map, area, location, geographic coordinates, map references, area, printable string art designs new york federal carryover worksheet grade 8 language worksheets pangea puzzle worksheet printable book summary printable map of texas counties. Great for the map pangea activity that we have planned in our unit planning. Students explore world geography by identifying the continents on earth.

You will be piecing together a puzzle of the supercontinent pangea based on fossil and rock evidence on the present day continents. Using the pangaea exploration field journal, the students will record their observations as they go through each step. Over tens of millions of years, pangaea began to break apart. In this continental drift lesson, students examine a worksheet which uses the world continents as puzzle pieces to create the single land called pangea. Teach your students the concept of pangaea with this lesson plan that includes a video lesson, discussion questions, two geography activities and a quiz. Jun 2, 2010 triassic pangaea at paleomaps 7 feb 2010 pangaea printable map. Plate tectonics and earthquakes ks2 lesson plan and worksheet. Distribute scissors, a glue stick and the student worksheet. Seven continents are a lot to remember when most of the time, your child is only one of them. Wegeners evidence sheet, the student map of the world today. On the puzzle pieces handout, assign a color to each type of fossil or mountain belt in the legend and color the areas on the landmasses. North america australia eurasia africa south america greenland the world today this map shows the continents as they appear today.

The supercontinent and was created by member thedumpling. There is a printable worksheet available for download here so you can take the quiz with pen and paper. According to wegener, pangaea existed about 300 million years ago. Cut out each of the continents along the edge of the continental shelf the outermost dark line. Reuniting pangaea continental drift lesson by science teaching. Multiple choice questions for plate tectonics chapter 19 each chapter will include a few questions designed to test your knowledge of material covered in the chapter and in the internetbased resources. Pangea was a supercontinent that existed up until about 175 million years. Handson geography activity free printable pangaea puzzle. The pangea puzzle acrobat pdf 62kb jul5 17 determining whether students have met the goals. Expand your childs horizons and knowledge of our world with this cute and catchy continents of the world worksheet that features goofy shapes to identify continents. Pdf summary the main tenets of plate tectonics theory describes that the rigid lithosphere of the earth consists of numerous variablesized pieces.

This is why india is patterned differently than europe. Pangeas lifespan ran from the early paleozoic era through the mesozoic period. Feb 12, 2011 the story of pangea and plate tectonics 1. Some of the worksheets for this concept are inside earth work, pangaea puzzle, pangaea puzzle, continental drift activity packet, this dynamic planet, reconstructing pangea, sixth grade plate tectonics, activity a plate tectonic puzzle. Pangaea or pangea was a supercontinent that existed during the late paleozoic and early. Multiple choice questions for plate tectonics chapter 19. Some of the worksheets displayed are pangaea puzzle, pangaea puzzle, activity a plate tectonic puzzle, continental drift activity packet, the continental jigsaw puzzle, reconstructing pangea, this dynamic planet, science 7th earth science crossword name. Have students glue pangaea onto thick cardstock and color for homework before doing this lesson. Reuniting pangaea continental drift lesson by science teaching junkie inc. Pangea continent map continental drift make printable broshures download pangaea printable map, oneclick search for pangaea printable map pdf. The patterns on the map represent different tectonic plates. Use those same colors to color each type of fossil or mountain belt according to your legend. Have a sample of how to color so that students can see that. The timing of these collisions is usually quite well known from sedimentary and metamorphic records, what is less clear is.

Glossopteris plant cynognathus land reptile lystrosaurus land reptile mesosaurus freshwater reptile these organisms had no way to travel across such oceans that exist today. We present a new continental drift reconstruction of the universal continent of pangaea in the permian plus a series of five world maps to depict the breakup and dispersion of continents with each subsequent geologic period, triassic to recent. This includes all of the worksheets in both pdf and doc format. Improve your students reading comprehension with readworks. Students have to cut out the land masses and create pangaea. Fossils fossils of the same animals were found on many different continents, now separated by oceans. A supercontinent is a large landmass comprised of multiple continents. Eurasia, north america, south america, africa, antarctica, australia and india. There is a pdf of all of the files and an editable version of each file you just need to delete the watermark logo from each of the editable files. Plate tectonics and earthquakes lesson plan and worksheet. Use a globe to help you identify the continents on your map. Xl kids prek to 5th grades, english, maths, science, geography, social studies, computer science, preschool, lkg, ukg, first grade, second grade, third grade. Pangea important people plate tectonics questions fossils continents scientists now believe that about 250 million years ago, a supercontinent known as pangea existed.

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