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Happy end is a 2017 drama film written and directed by michael haneke. In the case of happy end you get trapped as well by the fact that michael haneke has made some good films in the past but this one is slow, heavy, boring and missed the point of the refugees crisis which remains in the backdrop. Haneke trains his incisive gaze on many interesting issues throughout happy end psychopathy, greed, social media, suicide, depression, euthanasia, immigration, class conflict, corporate liabilitybut what he ultimately stirs up is a lot more tired, a lot less insightful, and far more meh than anything hes ever produced before. Michael haneke returns with another feelbad drama the austere austrian filmmaker puts a bougie european family and viewers through the. Happy end is far from haneke s best work, yet it still succeeds in forcing audiences to confront and uncomfortably consider the dark side of human nature. Master auteur michael haneke returns with a biting satire on bourgeois family. Michael hanekes film is an impressive litany of crossgenerational dysfunctionalities. His work often examines social issues, and depicts the feelings of estrangement experienced by individuals in modern society. Of course, to see people like huppert, kassovitz and trintignant who once again has come out of retirement to work with haneke delivering great performances is hardly newsthey are among the great french actors, after all. Nominated for the palme dor at the 2017 cannes film festival, happy end. Michael haneke is back to many of his old tricks in happy end, which enfolds the child psychopathy of bennys video, the bourgeois nightmare of hidden, the euthanasia theme of amour, and the racial discomfort of code unknown into a curious, disconcerting and sometimes insidiously effective greatest hits tableau, announces the telegraphs tim robey. Just as boxers and horror writers get their anger and angst out in their work, often surprising those who meet them with their welladjusted dispositions, so it is with the austrian responsible for some of cinemas cruellest cuts.

Happy end reveals itself as something vacuous and cold, a bizarrely seductive pseudothriller. The secret kindness of michael haneke michael haneke is the most jovial director ive met. Haneke dishes up black comedy with a dollop of selfloathing. As anne, prim and proper, tries to keep everything together, she finds she has a worthy foe in the form of her young niece. Happy end ist eine franzosischdeutschosterreichische koproduktion aus dem jahr 2017. Michael haneke s happy end will be divisive, but its also the film that he needed to make at this stage in his career. The film is a snapshot from the life of a bourgeois european family. One thing that happy end does have in common with its predecessors is the high level of quality performances. His work often examines social issues and depicts the feelings of estrangement experienced by individuals in modern society. A middleclass family living in calais deal with a series of setbacks while paying little attention to the grim conditions in the refugee camps within a few miles of their home. Nominated for the palme dor at the 2017 cannes film festival, happy end bears all the hallmarks of haneke s uniquely stark and unsympathetic style. Michael haneke makes snapchat scary in happy end vulture. Its a sort of reinvention that tackles his obsessive, familiar themes, but feels purposely polarizing and creatively freeing in its lack of a narrative structure. All around us, the world, and we, in its midst, blind.

Michael haneke, born march 23, 1942, munich, germany, austrian director and screenwriter whose stark and provocative films made him a leading figure in european cinema in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Perhaps haneke will resurface with some interesting new work, or perhaps it is really time for him to retire. Fan page about happy end, the next michael haneke film. Featuring a cast of top acting talent, including isabelle huppert and jeanlouis trintignant, its a piercing dark comedy on the blind preoccupations of middleclass angst. Meanwhile, distracted by infidelities and betrayals, they fail to notice that their new arrival has a sinister secret of her own.

After the poignant tenderness of the white ribbon 2009 and amour 2012, michael haneke teams back up with the devil in happy end, his eagerly awaited but coldly received take on modern technology and the european migrant crisis. Sensing the inevitability of the decline and the imminent end of the world as he knew it, he is. Michael haneke makes snapchat scary in happy end as for his own socialmedia usage, haneke admits hes as tethered to his iphone as. Haneke s happy end opens in indy on 223 to some, it is inevitable that michael haneke s latest film happy end will be a disappointment. Because of that, those long takes eventually really did become boring. Michael haneke s 12th feature film shouldnt surprise the critic or cinephile familiar with his decadesspanning oeuvre. It stars isabelle huppert and jeanlouis trintignant, who had also played daughter and father in haneke s 2012 film amour. Not so happy end but tsokay, thats life full of shit. Much of his work examines tendencies toward social alienation and brutality within contemporary middleclass milieus haneke, who was born to a.

Happy end is far from the best michael haneke movie. No, michael haneke is back to many of his old tricks in happy end, which enfolds the child psychopathy of bennys video, the bourgeois nightmare of hidden, the euthanasia theme of amour, and the. Its an ensemble piece centered around eve fantine harduin, a tightlipped preteen who relocates to the home of her philandering father, thomas mathieu kassovitz, after her mother overdoses on antidepressants. Videos 6 05102017 happy end trailer english subs 12072017 happy end excerpt 1 english subs. Happy end characters georges laurent 85 the patriarch, the last of a dying breed of provincial industrialists. An interview with actor michael cera, star of person to person and lemon. M ichael haneke s happy end is a ruthlessly pessimistic denunciation of the modern bourgeois european identity. Happy families are all the same in a michael haneke filmbecause none of them are ever actually happy. For a filmmaker whose entire filmmaking career has been defined by the distinct visions contained within each subsequent film, happy end is a bit of a rarity for haneke its familiar. The filming is very basic and the music not to remember. The reserve that is more characteristic of haneke onscreen is typified by 86yearold jeanlouis trintignants return for happy end.

Synopsis all around the world and us in the middle, blind. I certainly couldnt care less, that is, unless michael haneke is directing a movie about them. Happy end the 2017 movie, trailers, videos and more at yidio. When acquainting oneself with the prolific austrian directors initial trilogy the seventh continent, 71 fragments of a chronology of chance. In happy end, the notoriously misanthropic director returns to the familiar territory of mediaobsessed teens, this time a. Thus the worlds of michael haneke and viz comic briefly meet. Happy end, the latest film from austrian director michael haneke is, in many ways, exactly what weve come to expect from the 75yearold auteur who has made a career out of upsetting and. Haneke s films from the past two decades, happy end is set in france and features a mostly frenchspeaking cast. Haneke has made films in french, german, and english and has worked in television theatre, and cinema. It has an uncommonly strong ensemble cast including toby.

A scathing takedown of the bourgeoisie, happy end is a satanically mixed brew that haneke stirs with dazzling inspiration. Michael haneke s happy end new clip official from cannes. Happy end just felt boring, not necessarily because of the long takes alone, but because of its uninspired rethreading of familiar ground. Michael haneke is up to his old tricks in happy end, a movie that finds the chilly austrian maestro returning to obsessions that have haunted his. It hardly needs saying that the adjective in the title is about as accurate as the one in haneke s funny games. Michael haneke s new film finds dark wit in assisted suicide, overdoses and the refugee crisis. But it just might be the most michael haneke movie a kind of grueling greatesthits collection from the reigning scold of european art cinema. A snapshot from the life of a bourgeois european family. Dont believe the title of this michael haneke film.

Master auteur michael haneke amour, the white ribbon, hidden returns with a biting satire on bourgeois family values set in the shadow of the european refugee crisis. The latest motion picture from michael haneke, nominated for the palme dor. Thus, the automatic irony with which to approach the septuagenarian austrian auteurs latest slice of austere miserabilism, happy end, is obvious before the opening. As things start to spin into chaos, familial dysfunction rises to the surface.

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