Iec 61347 1 pdf command

This standard is to be read in conjunction with asnzs 647. Iec en 647 2 ctl osm ctlosm number topics ctl 00507 luminaire provided with leds. Reference to iec 647 1 for the protection against accidental contact with live parts, moisture resistance and insulation and electric strength. Saudi arabian standard saso iec 647 252009 6 15 abnormal conditions the ballast shall not impair safety when operated under. Iec 647 1 see annex o na 4 4 selv controlgear comply with annex i of this part 2 and annex l of iec 647 1 see annex l p 4 transformer comply with iec 61558 p dielectric strength test of. Performance requirements may require tighter limits.

Helvar elvar oy ab keilaranta i espoo inland data is subect to change ithout notice helvarcom lc1x25da led driver is suited for builtin usage in luminaires. This standard also covers lamp controlgear for lamps which are not yet standardized. Clause numbers between brackets refer to clauses in iec 647 1 manufacturers declaration per subclause 4. This first edition of iec 647 211, together with iec 647 1, cancels and replaces the first edition of iec 60920, published in 1990, and constitutes a minor revision. Preface this standard was prepared by the joint standards australiastandards new zealand committee el041, lamps and related equipment to supersede asnzs 647. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in 2000 and its amendment 1 2003. This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition published in 2007, amendment 1. As there are clauses of the above mentioned standards that call for clauses in iec 60598 1. Where the requirements of any of the clauses of iec 647 1 are referred to in this standard by the phrase the requirements of clause n of iec 647 1. It aims at establishing performance requirements and recommended testing methods for command. The application for obtaining a cb test certificate includes more than one. For the purpose of this part of iec 647, the normative references given in clause 2 of iec 647 1 which are mentioned in this standard apply. Annex n of iec 647 1 see annex n na4 compliance of independent controlgear enclosure with iec60598 1 na4 builtin electronic controlgearwith double or reinforced insulation comply with annex o of iec 647 1 see annex o na4 selv controlgearcomply with annex l of iec 647 1. This standard shall be used in conjunction with iec 647 1.

All bsi british standards available online in electronic and print. This electronic lighting equipment should be in line with the requirments of iec 647. Clause numbers between brackets refer to clauses in iec 647 1. Iec system of conformity assessment schemes for electrotechnical equipment and components iecee.

This part does not apply to circuits or devices for which specific iec standards are published. No national differences, common differences, group differences are declared on current cb bulletin. This test report covers testing according to both iec 647 1. This part of asnzs 647 specifies general and safety requirements for lamp controlgear for use on d.

This part of iec 647 specifies general and safety requirements for lamp controlgear for use on d. Iec 608341 teleprotection equipment of power systems. Performance requirements are the subject of iec 60923. Product specified product product description applicable. Product description philips constant voltage led power drivers are designed to operate 24vdc led solutions used in applications such as refrigerated display lighting, retail display lighting and linear. Any australiannew zealand table, figure or passage of text that is added and identified by shading is part of this standard.

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