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Decreasing the environmental footprint caused by intensive commercial vegetable production while using less water and energy will only increase in importance in the future. The plant list all families the plant list contains a working list of plants of the world. People have been growing legumes as crops for 6000 years. It is a large grouping of plants that consists of both useful plants agricultural crops and unuseful plants weeds. Grouping vegetables into their botanical families is useful, as closely related plants within a family often share both similar. As of 2012, the top 5 cereals in the world ranked on the basis of production tonnage are maize corn, rice paddy, wheat, barley and sorghum. Botanical names, common names, and edible parts of plants used as vegetables botanical name common name edible plant part division sphendophyta equisetaceae horsetail family equisetum arvense l. The name custard apple is sometimes used for sugar apple sweetsop which actually is a different but related fruit species. Sep 10, 2012 list of crops of pakistan and their agronomic use posted by muhammad shakil shaukat on monday, september 10, 2012 the following table presents list of common crops of pakistan, along with their botanical names, agronomic use and sowing season. Classification and botanical description of legumes legumes, or pulses, are flowering plants in the leguminosae family. An example of a scientific name commemorating a person is the hoop pine, araucaria cunninghamii.

Poaceae goatgrass aegilops squarrosa sensu auct see triticum tauschii coss. However, only fifteen plant species represent the most important economic crops. Encompassing 356 domesticated species of the economic importance and 326 species of their wild forms or relatives. The plant likely originated in africa, where it is a major food crop, and has numerous varieties, including grain sorghums, used for food. Known for its beauty and fragrance, used as commercial crop. Yes, latin names are useful in plant identification. Yam is the common name for some plant species in the genus dioscorea family dioscoreaceae that form edible tubers. Singulars and plurals are also given of as many plants as possible. It strives in edges of garden and yards, fence row. Read story scientific names of fruits and other vegetables by aachgn with 104,911 reads. Gardeners with limited space may simply divide up their garden plot into three or four sections and rotate plant families around the garden, while others have separate plots they use for vegetable. Its members are monocotyledons and feature leaves with parallel veins.

Common, tagalog, and scientific names of fruits and vegetables. Abaca manila hemp musa textilis alfalfa for fodder medicago sativa alfalfa for seed medicago sativa almond prunus dulcis anise seeds pimpinella anisum apple malus sylvestris apricot prunus armeniaca areca betel nut areca catechu. Common name to botanical name tennessee state university. The aggregate value of yam, cassava, potato and sweet potato exceeds all other african staple crops, and is much higher than the value of cereal crops cereals annually producing on average 169 million tons from 108 million ha of land. Many grasses are cultivated as ornamental plants and for lawns, and several. What are the 30 common agricultural crops and their. Chapter 2 field crop classification it is well known that there are more than 600 cultivated plant species, from which there are about 100 200 species play important role in the world trade. World programme for the census of agriculture 2010. General plantlist from victoria garden, sorted by botanical name 690 different plants general lists natives plant types bulbs trees shrubs grasses. The a to z of plant names from acronychia oblongifolia to zieria smithii, the scientific or botanical names of plants are based on sound scientific principles. Horsetail young strobili division pterophyta fern group dennstaedtiaceae pteridium aquilinum l. List of cereal crops and general info about cereals.

Cereal crops are interchangeably called grain crops. The word legume is derived from the latin verb legere which means to gather. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. It derives from puls or porridge, a cooked bean dish which the ancient romans were fond of eating. Some common crops and their botanical names include corn zea mays, wheat tritcum spp. This is especially true when there is no live specimen to associate the name. Classification of horticultural crops agri learner. Scientific names of fruits and other vegetables wattpad. Canolaquality brassica juncea chickpea cicer arietinum l. Plants profile for lagerstroemia indica crapemyrtle.

Cultivation of solanaceous vegetables, cucurbits, cole crops, bulbous vegetables, root vegetables, okra. This is the only method of classifying crop plants, which is universally accepted. The plants database provides standardized information about the vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens of the u. Plant botanical names, common names, the gardeners network. Thus, oilseed crops group 4 is a grouping of crops of many different botanical types that produce the same type of product. Where the plant has been identified, the latin name and the common english name, if one exists, is given. Alphabetical list of crops with botanical name and crop code crop name botanical name icc code previous code 1 abaca manila hemp musa textilis 92 2. Fruits gathered from the wild were mainstays of our diet, being excellent sources of fiber, vitamins, and other healthful or medicinal compounds unbeknownst to us then.

Used in combination with spring oats or spring triticale as a companion crop with perennial forage crop seeding. What are the 30 common agricultural crops and their botanical. Be aware, however, notice is given that botanical scientific names of plants. The word legumes or leguminous plants is a collective term for all plants under family leguminosae or fabaceae.

The scientific name for suran is amorphophallus campanulatus. Bailey note that in the preceding sentence the genus pelargonium was shortened to just the first letter. The word maize derives from the spanish form of the indigenous taino word for the plant, mahiz. This is especially true when there is no live specimen to associate the name with. Common names and botanical names india study channel. Root and tuber crops cassava, yam, potato and sweet potato. Chief among this jargon is talking about vegetable families. Gardeners with limited space may simply divide up their garden plot into three or four sections and rotate plant families around the garden, while. The tomato the tomato solanum lycopersicum is a shortlived perennial plant, grown as an annual plant, in the solanaceae or nightshade family, typically growing to m tall, with a weakly woody stem that usually scrambles over other plants. By clicking on the appropriate column heading, this list can be sorted by plants symbol, scientific name, common name, or plant family. Best utility is in southern in because of longer growing season. Ericameria nauseosa common names rubber rabbitbrush, gray rabbitbrush, gray rabbit brush, rubber rabbit brush family composites, sunflower flower color yellow plant type shrub short description gray rabbitbrush ericameria nauseosa grows throughout malheur county and surrounding areas of the intermountain west. Botanical latin names for farm crops identification. What are the most common agricultural crops and their.

This grouping is only used for botanical classifications. Beans spinacea oleracea, phaseolus vulgarispalak 5. Sometimes the scientific name commemorates a person or place, or it may be a reference to the name bestowed on the plant by the indigenous australians. With more than 10,000 species, the grass family, poaceae, is one of the largest families of flowering plants. List of crops of pakistan and their agronomic use posted by muhammad shakil shaukat on monday, september 10, 2012 the following table presents list of common crops of pakistan, along with their botanical names, agronomic use and sowing season. The cultivar follows the form and is the lowest rank. Common, tagalog, and scientific names of fruits and. Click on a scientific name to view its plant profile with more information. List of plant pictures by scientific name scientific. Plant products, tied to specific crops plants, and their modification to meet new industrial uses. Botonical name for all fruits, vegetables, trees, plants etc.

The following is a list of several cover crops used in the plants floristic area pfa. An international journal industrial crops and products. Introduction to fruit crops chapter 1 of text fruit crops. Coco cocoa theobroma cacao malvaceae byttnerioideae x. A winterannual legume that has uses as a cover crop and an organic source of nitrogen. In the case of avena barbata pott ex link, link published a name earlier thought of scientific names aegilops l. The plant naming system was devised by the swedish botanist, carl linnaeus 1707 1778, in the mid 18th century.

Horticultural crops having many species which are grown all over india. Vegetable plant families using family names of vegetables. At the start, memorizing the scientific names of farm crops and other plants is timeconsuming and difficult. Others are tomatoes lycopersicon esculentum, eggplants solanum melongena var. In switzerland, the lake dwellers who lived between 5000 and 4000 b. Pdf scientific names of crop plants are adopted and where required modified according to a standard set of rules. Be aware, however, notice is given that botanical scientific names of plants change periodically as taxonomic work refines plant groupings. Legumes like lentils were also components of the cropping systems of ancient. There are many systems of classification of crops for example commercial, taxonomical and agricultural among the agriculture classification of corrupt crops is most widely accepted because it is commonly it covers the taxonomical and commercial and other aspects taxonomical classification deals with the taxonomical aspects of classifying aspects of crops that is their morphology and. This guide is intended to provide hausa plant names in as accurate a transcription as possible, with uptodate scientific names. For this class we will emphasize the latin family, genus, and species names. Grain legumes or pulses are not exactly the same as legumes. Crop name botanical name icc code previous code 1 garlic, dry allium sativum 233 1.

Some of the species name given are commonly found and used in the household while close variation among species may exist edible white mushrooms agaricus bisporus avocado persea americana garlic allium sativum clementines citru. Plant common name maturity period botanical name or family parts used average price rs. Botanical name of important legumes common, scientific. Botanical classification horticulture and soil science wiki. Pdf crop plants of india a check list of scientific names. In many publications and correspondence, they are simply called grains or cereals. A web page providing general knowledge on scientific names of common plants, fruits, vegetables and some common trees including scientific name of mehndi, pudina, ginger, turmeric, grains and cereals. Kg medicinal use amla t after 4th year emblica officinalis fam euphorbiaceac fruit rs 15 45kg vitamin c, cough, diabetes, cold, laxativ, hyper acidity. Vegetable history, nomenclature, and classification. The focus should be on agricultural production as an end result. An x in the scientific name between genus and species indicates that the plant is a hybrid. Pdf scientific names and families of some field crops. Some common crops and their botanical names include no.

Plant list ordered by botanical name with pictures from. Suraj 02 sep 2019 thanks for the information about botanical names of various things about which we know their common names. Corn botanical description corn, zea mays, derives its name from the arawak mahizi which literally means that which sustains lifeii the name corn was added by the europeans who referred to all smallseeded cereal grains as corn. Sorghum, sorghum bicolor, also called great millet, indian millet, milo, durra, or shallu, cereal grain plant of the grass family poaceae and its edible starchy seeds.

In the united states, canada, australia, and new zealand, corn primarily means maize. Suran is also known as elephant foot and parts of it are used as a vegetable. They grow on poor soil as well as soil with high acidity. Plants by family, scientific name oregon state university. What are some 20 plants with a botanical name which we use in. In china, farmers began cultivating soybeans between 3000 and 2000 b. World crops database fruits, vegetables, cereals and. Mace myristica fragrans maguey agave atrovirens maize corn zea mays. Vegetable families when talking about vegetable crops, vegetable gardeners often use special jargon that others may find unfamiliar or confusing. The variety follows infraspecies and precedes the form. Yams are perennial herbaceous vines cultivated for the consumption of their starchy tubers in many temperate and tropical regions, especially in latin america, africa, asia, and oceania.

Take a look at the related links for a website that lists the scientific names for crops. Vegetable history, nomenclature, and classification 3 the global positioning system gps and its related technologies to improve vegetableproduction efficiency. Vegetable crops are classified in many ways but the botanical classification system is widely used because it is based largely on flower morphology and uses latin names that will not change over time. Lists still in progress can be sorted by botanical name, common name, border or id. Mans relationship with fruiting plants began long before the origins of agriculture in 800010,000 bc, when all human beings practiced the huntergatherer lifestyle. The species included are grouped into 16167 genera, 620 families and 4 major groups. What are some common crops and their botanical names. Classification and botanical description of legumes. Because of its shape the custard apple is also called ox heart or bulls heart. Local names, with their pronunciation in parentheses, are based on the authors experience and are not necessarily the official local names.

Commlistsnsycommon name to botanical 809 the agricultural extension service offers its programs to all eligible persons regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, religion or veteran status, and is an equal opportunity. Pdf on may 9, 2019, sundus abdulkariem alabdulla and others published scientific names and families of some field crops find, read and. This is a list of botanical or scientific names of vegetables. Common and scientific names other plants and trees. In brussels it is sold under the congolese name, mbika.

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