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The term pseudoobstruction is usually used to refer to non obstruction when the main area of concern is the colon, however, the small bowel is also affected. Ogilvie syndrome must be differentiated from other causes of abdominal distention as volvulus and diverticulitis. Axial noncontrast marked diffuse colonic dilatation with no evidence of distal organic obstruction. Pdf ogilvie syndrome is an infrequent pathology characterized by cecal and right colon. Ogilvies syndrome treated with an emergency laparotomy, right hemicolectomy and end ileostomy andrew james robinson, johnpatrick quigley, athene banks, martin farmer bmj case rep. Ogilvies syndrome, first described in 1948, is characterized by massive colonic dilation without a mechanical cause for obstruction. Pseudoobstruction colique aigue ou syndrome dogilvie. Woakes syndrome, commonly defined as severe recurrent nasal polyps with consecutive destruction of the nasal pyramid, is rare with only a few reports in the literature documenting surgical treatment of the external nose. Ogilvie syndrome is an infrequent pathology characterized by cecal and right colon dilatation without colonic obstruction. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title ogilvie.

It is defined as an acute pseudoobstruction and dilatation of the colon in the absence of any mechanical obstruction. This is a syndrome of acute intestinal pseudoobstruction associated with massive dilation, usually of the colon but also of. Ogilvie syndrome may occur after surgery, especially following coronary artery bypass surgery and total joint replacement. Sindrome consuntivo rotacion medicina interna diagnostico antecedentes familiares. Ogilvie s syndrome commonly affects patients more than 60 years and it is more prevelant int he men more than women. Any acute severe illness, many drugs, and mischief in the retroperitoneum may cause a lack of motor function in the small bowel and colon. It is characterized by acute massive dilatation of the cecum and the right colon, without any organic obstruction 2,3,5,6. Acute colonic pseudoobstruction ogilvies syndrome during induction treatment with chemotherapy and alltransretinoic acid for acute promyelocytic leukemia. The condition, wgich may be lifethreatening, is a form of local adynamic ileus and most commonly follows surgical procedures.

Untreated, ogilvies syndrome leads to the same pathologic changes as any mechanical large bowel obstruction. Ogilvie is a surname with origins in the barony of ogilvy in angus, scotlandsee clan ogilvy. Jun 23, 2015 professional reference articles are designed for health professionals to use. Acpo may occur in any patient population, but has a higher predilection for males. It is thought to be caused by excessive sympathetic stimulation, parasympathetic. Ogilvies syndrome definition of ogilvies syndrome by. Les morphiniques comme le fentanyl sont les medicaments les plus souvent incrimines dans le syndrome dogilvie. Ogilvie syndrome is defined as the obstruction of the colon with no mechanical reason and thereby, it is called pseudoobstruction not a true obstruction. Acute colonic pseudoobstruction ogilvie s syndrome is a disorder characterized by acute dilatation of the colon in the absence of an anatomic lesion that obstructs the flow of intestinal contents. Colonic pseudoobstruction also known as ogilvie syndrome is a potentially fatal condition leading to an acute colonic distention without an underlying mechanical obstruction.

It is not the same as chronic intestinal pseudoobstruction, a similar, but distinct disorder. The colonic pseduoobstruction pathogenesis is thought to be due to impairement of the autonomic nervous system. Ogilvie syndrome was first described in the medical literature in 1948 by a british surgeon named sir william ogilvie. Acpo was first described by william heneage ogilvie in 1948 1,2,46. Ogilvie localizase a aproximadamente 320 3 m acima do nivel do mar. Ogilvies syndrome treated with an emergency laparotomy, right hemicolectomy and end ileostomy andrew james robinson, johnpatrick quigley, athene.

Acute colonic pseudoobstruction usually occurs in hospitalized or institutionalized patients in association with a severe illness or after. Acute colonic pseudoobstruction is characterized by massive dilatation of the cecum diameter 10 cm and right colon on abdominal xray. Ogilvie syndrome nord national organization for rare. We present seven patients with an acute colonic pseudoobstruction condition. It is a type of megacolon, sometimes referred to as acute megacolon, to distinguish it from toxic megacolon the condition carries the name of the british surgeon sir william heneage ogilvie 18871971, who first reported it in 1948. Acute pseudoobstruction of the colon ogilvies syndrome. Mucopolysaccharidosis mps is a group of rare, hereditary and incurable storage diseases. Pseudoobstruction colique aigue ou syndrome dogilvie em. Colonic pseudoobstruction radiology reference article. The disorder is also known as acute colonic pseudoobstruction acpo. Acute colonic pseudoobstruction resulting in massive dilatation of the bowel in the absence of any luminal blockage. Mps is named after mucopolysaccharides sugars bound to proteins, which are not broken down correctly in these diseases, causing the products of incomplete metabolism to accumulate in the body.

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